Calling API via Flash actionscript 3, is it possible?

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Calling API via Flash actionscript 3, is it possible?

Is it possible to call the API via actionscript 3? Anyone have an example of how to do it??


I am not having much luck. The main problme I see at the moment is that the Authorization header is not being sent. Is there some kind of security restriction with as3 and that header?




Hi Marcus,


I'm unfortunately not an expert on ActionScript, but after some research I was able to find some information that looks pretty relevant to your question. In particular, I found that the answer on this question has some good info:


If you have any questions for me, please let me know!



Elijah G.
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Thanks for the reply, but the info here did not solve my problem.


For some reason it appears that Flash does not like to send the Authorization HTTP header on GET requests.


It also appears that, based on what I have found via Googling, Flash does not like the PUT or DELETE methods at all.


I did manage to get a POST working, sort of. I added a contact, but I still got some kind of streaming error from Flash.


Unfortunately, I feel like I am kind of dead in the water on this. I was hoping to run into someone who had managed to successfully use your API via Flash, but I guess there are not a huge amount of Flash users these days.



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