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Your website is not very user friendly to someone using a screen reader who is blind. This is to bad because I hear of it often,, however, it is always followed up with the fact that it does not work very well in terms of accessibility.
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Hi @CarrieC364. I really am sorry to hear that you’re having difficulty. I apologize for your experience today and want to make sure that I'm sharing this with our technical teams who are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. Where are you experiencing issues when working in your account so I can capture this information?

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What is the timeline for Constant Contact making their emails accessible or at the very least, provide text-only email options for clients? Please do not reply with "We're working on it" or "You can do this yourself via a very cumbersome process of creating a text only email that also inludes all the HTML template features we have in all of our templates."


Please reply with a detailed timeline for this major issue.

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