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The option to choose a page number

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The option to choose a page number

I am a little frustrated to see that you are no longer able to choose a page number you want to jump to when searching through campaign/events. Many times I need to back track and look up events that occurred a year or so ago - which could be on page 15-20. Now, I not only have to scroll down to the bottom of the page each time (since the arrows went away at the top of the page) but I also have to skim through each page one by one instead of quickly jumping to it. When I type in an option to 'search' for it, that doesn't exactly make it much easier since it shows all emails, events, etc...
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Status changed to: Voting Open

 Hey @LauraV1, thanks for your feedback! I do understand how having the page options at the top of the page was very helpful and am opening this idea up for voting for that issue. I wanted to also note that you are able to input the page that you want to visit by typing in the number. So say you are on page 2 and want to jump to page 23, you'd click on the box that shows "2" and type in "23" followed by pressing "Enter" on your keyboard. I've included a screenshot of this option below. Does this accomplish what you were wanting as far as jumping between pages? 

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 10.58.21 AM.png