Slowness while working in CPE editor

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The recent major update has made the creating of email campaigns nearly impossible. Anything having to do with text is very challenging. Anything typed takes a VERY LONG time to fill in. The letters come in with several seconds between each one. Instead of a sentence just flowing, it takes 10+ seconds for each word to show up and a full sentence probably takes a minute or more to show up. I cannot go on to another place because if I move the cursor elsewhere the text starts showing up there, so I just have to wait while the text fills in. Adjusting the font size is erratic and at times doesn't do what I need. Changing colors for the background isn't working properly and at time the color for text or background in a particular section changes by itself to something totally different. Bullets disappear at random and won't come back right away if I try to adjust it... I could go on, but I hope there is an update coming soon!

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Final Update 10/25/22 - Hi everyone. Thank you for your patience while we were wrapping up some additional testing for our fix. This morning the fix for typing slowness was released for all accounts. Fast typists should no longer notice a severe (3-4 second) lag before their text shows up. If you are still experiencing that long of a lag, please try restarting your browser.

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I tried calling the help center. No luck there. On hold the first call for an hour. Hung up and tried again. Another hour and nothing. Pretty typical of an update.....never works as well. My newsletter is supposed to go out first thing Thursday morning but it won't if I can't it to look right. Very unacceptable. Very disappointing.

This is such an urgent problem--we are experiencing everything described by others. This is not on our end--cache, browser, system, etc.--this is a sudden, dramatic problem. Whatever change you made, please roll it back for now, and test your changes better. As others have said, it's a deal-breaker. 

It took me six hours to do two hours of work.


I spoke to someone today and they assured me that they "tested it" and everything "worked fine" and they made the changes due to "customer feedback" and "maybe something broke" when they rolled it out to the larger group.  They said the changes have been tested for "a year".  

All nonsense.  They simply can't admit that their system is messed up and that their roll out was a total failure.  

They need to revert asap and then start issuing refunds.  


I was supposed to hear back from them but nothing...


This is a giant catastrophe.  

For whoever is reading this, the recent updates are awful. I'm now wasting so much time with very user-unfriendly changes. I wish you would go back to the old layout while you figure out a way to make the new one work, because it's NOT working. Everything is super-slow to load. Saved items are no longer saved. The ability to find our company's colors for fonts and layouts is so much more difficult. The functionality of adding products linked with our shop has gone out the window and it's a function I will not even waste my time attempting to use any more. I am now wasting time not only with CTCT's "upgrade" but with researching other companies that will hopefully cater to their customers a lot better.

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Thank you, Beadshop! I wasted so much time this past week. When things got so bad that I called tech, they indicated there had been no major changes to the software. Felt a little bit like gaslighting. I am hunting for a new platform because my time is just too valuable for this frustration! 

We are entering September with no solution in sight.  The lag is maddening and stress inducing, especially when trying to meet a deadline.  


The software is a mess.  There were issues before this, but at least it "functioned" and I could complete stuff.  


Now, it takes me half an hour to type one paragraph.  And the faster you type, the SLOWER it gets!  I can type a sentence, go get a drink of water, and come back and it still hasn't typed out.  


Also, notice the "top answer" isn't really an answer.  They are just ignoring the complaints until people get so tired of complaining that they simply stop or cancel their subscription.  


Constant Contact made a huge mistake here, and the people who leave are really just the cost of doing business.  I figure they factored in the loss of accounts when they did this roll out, as most tech companies do.  They really don't care because they figure that once the system actually works, they will just raise the prices and throw a bunch of money at marketing to get new customers while the rest of us are just tossed in the trash.  


Folks, ask yourselves one question:  Has ANY tech company ever been concerned about losing customers during an upgrade?  Has there ever been a single company that actually took customer complaints seriously?  We all know the answer to these questions, and others like them, so don't expect Constant Contact one of the giants in the email marketing industry, to take any of what we say here seriously.  They just don't care and they were expecting this.  If they lose 10% of their accounts, it's just the cost of doing business.  

We don't matter.  

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Constant Contact apparently updated its customer interface (the screens look different), and ever since then, there's a significant lag time when typing or deleting characters in campaign messages. Is anyone else having this problem? How can it be fixed? 


Nearly two months since this topic was created and we've gotten nothing more than form responses. I do appreciate the community support members filling us in when they can - it reads like you aren't being told much of anything either and are in a difficult spot with a company that is severely de-prioritizing actual customer experience and feedback. But hey, the new icons and ui sure look sleek and modern now!


I've given up on the issue being resolved in any kind of timely or satisfactory manner, and will be joining the other customers of 15+ years in moving to a new service. Not looking forward to the headache of migrating all my lists and rebuilding my email templates, but when the proposed solution here is to just start the campaign from scratch anyways, why wouldn't I take my business somewhere else? Very disappointed but Constant Contact just isn't what it used to be, and I can almost guarantee I'll get better service at a better price elsewhere.

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Suffering time lags on one browser and lack of spaces between words on another. It is unusable. I switched to Constant Contact as an alternative to , but I am going to have go back to them as this is unworkable. Are we due compensation or a refund on our money?

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Chiming in as another user NOT happy with the lack of response by ConstantContact to this barrage of complaints by users. Our company's needs are relatively simple. When I took over doing the emails, there was a bit of a learning curve. Now I have a template built and can set up our very simple weekly promotion email. That was....until the latest editor update. PLEASE fix this! or rollback the editor until you do.

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I'm having the same issue. I type, and it takes forever to load.


Recently, typing in the email builder has been very slow. Words/letters will appear with a significant delay after actually typing them. No other lagginess has been noticed, but this slows down workflow significantly. Additionally, I cannot move the cursor anywhere until the typing finishes.



I am trying to add a text box to an email and it won't drag and drop as it usually does. 
Instead, the system freezes up and I have to close the window and log in again and the same thing happens on repeat.

I tried a new browser, a new window, etc. and nothing is helping, HELP! 

Thank you,



I called customer service last week about a serious issue I am having with lag time I am experiencing in both typing in new messages and also uploading photos. It is a big problem because it is doubling the time it normally takes for me to produce my weekly newsletter. I need to have this addressed. Customer service told me it was related to the system upgrade and will be resolved shortly. But this continues to be a problem now for weeks. Please advise.

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I just called tech support about this issue. I thought it might be related to copying a campaign multiple times so I only copied it once and was working on that version. Tech Support told me to clear my cache and cookies in Google Chrome. I asked if that didn't help was there any other option to speed up the typing response and they said, No.  This really needs to be addressed. I've noticed the problem since July.

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This new editor is absolutely dire. The editor will appear to have updated a heading or text box, but it won't save properly and it reverts back to the old content once mailed. On top of the lack of Firefox functionality, and the text color issues mentioned has caused our organization a lot of stress and time wasted.


Update 10/6/2022: Our engineers are in the process of finalizing a fix to the lag when working in campaigns. We found the cause was the autosave functionality attempting to save the campaign much more often than needed. We will update this post again once we hear the fix is ready to be implemented in accounts.


We apologize that we have not been able to provide more timely updates. We felt it was best to update this post when we felt we were close to implementing a solution instead of replying with no true news to share. The lag was connected to other issues that have popped up in the CPE editor and we believe once this is fixed, other improvements will be done as well

Yes, as many have said, it's been going on afor a long time. I don't want to switch as we have tears of data here, but if this continues, we'll have to.

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I just found this thread because I was ready to throw my laptop across the room in frustration, waiting for my typing to show up (and my images to load into the "images" pane - I had to back out, come back in, back out, come back in several times, and there was a big blank space where my images were obviously going to be in the build sidebar...but they took 5+ minutes to show up there. This has never been an issue before!!).


The typing issue, along with the feedback I've given repeatedly about the need to be able to select multiple blocks to copy (and the ability to select where to paste them, instead of just immediately after), are making me hate CC. It feels like every 'improvement' CC makes doesn't actually address real needs, and instead causes more problems. Thank god I only do one newsletter a month.

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do you have an expected completion date? I need to work on a newsletter, but don't want to do it with the current lag time.


I've found in the years I've been with CC that it takes them forever to never to resolve an issue. Because I also have tons of data with CC and simply don't have the time and energy to switch, I have a workaround. Not ideal but it seems to work. I create my text elsewhere in Notepad or Word and do a copy/paste. It shouldn't have to be this way but sadly it is what it is.


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