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Follow Pagination When making Get requests.

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Follow Pagination When making Get requests.

I am trying to pull data via the api in-order to import it into a database ( FileMaker to be specific ).  I am having a probem following pagination and the next links in-order to get all of our data.  I am trying to use Python and the requests module to get this data, but when I try to get the value of ['next_link'] in python I keep getting a KeyError.  I am not married to Python, in fact I know very very little, however, it works with filemaker, and so far I can get the first page of any query, I am just not able to follow the next links.  Does anyone, or is anyone willing to share how they follow pagination in a script?  




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Re: Follow Pagination When making Get requests.

Never mind I must have an error in my original code, it now works.  For reference if you use python and requests you get the next link like this:


import requests

uri = ''
params = dict (
    status = '<status>',
    limit = '<limit>',
    api_key = '<apikey>'
headers = {'Authorization': 'Bearer <your_auth_key>'}
current = '<api url>' // Example for contacts it would be  '/v2/contacts'
r = requests.get(uri + current , params = params , headers = headers )
raw = r.json()  
// below will print the next link only but you can set as a variable and loop to grab all contacts  
print raw ['meta'] ['pagination'] ['next_link']

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Re: Follow Pagination When making Get requests.



It's possible that you might not be going far enough into the object structure to get the next link. Here's a quick example of how you could get the link:

if "next_link" in response["meta"]["pagination"]:
	next = response["meta"]["pagination"]["next_link"]

In the above code I also show the best way to determine if a next link is present or not, so you know if you need to continue with pagination. You can read more about how pagination works with our API here:


Please let me know if you have any questions!



Elijah G.
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Re: Follow Pagination When making Get requests.

Yes and thank you!!!!! Will need to add the if statment to my loop, that is great thank you so much!!