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An Easier Way to Re-purpose Content Across Campaigns

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An Easier Way to Re-purpose Content Across Campaigns

I frequently need to re-purpose content across multiple campaigns. For example, a meeting promotion goes out. Now I'd like to use that same text, image and link to highlight the meeting in our weekly e-newsletter. Rather than having to copy and select a bunch of stuff, it would be great if I could just select that entire set of information (text, image and link) and add it to the new campaign.

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Status changed to: Voting Open

This is a great idea @MCAANews,


I'm opening it up for voting. 

Out of curiosity-- would this be something where you would like to open one draft email and copy a block/layout and move it over?  Or would you rather have the ability to "save" blocks/layouts that you know you're going to use in the future, and have them available when you're creating your email?