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Its very difficult to find scheduled emails and edit them in this new format

Its very difficult to find scheduled emails and edit them in this new format

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It would be nice if there was a search field in the campaigns section. I send a lot of emails and often copy a previous one but to have to scroll to find one sent a year a go is a pain!


Also, you really should be able to edit the name of an email after it has been sent. I like to keep my emails organized by date and if I do copy one and forget to change the name it sucks to have 2 named the same. 


Thank you!


Yes!  A search function would solve all my issues. We have many event registrations that I need to edit and adjust from time to time. But they all begin with the same word that begins with W. So I have been sorting the list from either A-Z or Z-A to try to get to a couple of particular events. When I choose my folder, a list comes up with a button to "load more campains". I can click this button once and get more, then again to get more, but the third time, it says "campaigns loading" forever.


Under Constant Contact Support's instruction, I tried 2 other browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox) and I have the same issue. I'm seriously considering switching to SurveyMonkey for event registrations.


Yes, please consider a SEARCH function so we can easily find past emails.


Apparently I'm not the only one would would really like a SEARCH function - I have to sort through pages and pages of past emails, it's very time consuming!

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Why was this thread "Closed - NO ACTION"?  This is clearly an issue.  Accounts with a large number of previous campaigns have no easy way to find old campaigns.  It seems like a "Search" function would be an easy fix.


Yes!  I vote for a Search Feature.  It takes forever to scroll through and load more load more. Thanks!

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I agree. Please, please, please add a search feature to find emails.

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PLEASE ADD A SEARCH!!!!!!! Scrolling through hundreds of emails to find one from last year SUCKS!

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PLEASE ADD A SEARCH FUNCTION.  This is such an abvious feature to include when you have a history of communication and want to keep customers for the longhaul!