Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

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It seems you may have made some only took me 25 minutes of "viewing past campaigns" to get to one I wanted to copy from a year ago...used to take over an hour...but it still must be improved. We send a lot of e-mails and going back 1 page at a time to get to past campaigns to copy is extremely slow and time consuming.
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Totally agree...the new process is extremely slow and time consuming to find and "old" campaign.  PLEASE FIX!

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Welcome to all the newcomers, hoping, praying for a search function, so we can do our work without hours of wasted time. Apparently, Constant Contact's time is more important than those who have paid for their service before it changes to the worse. I will be looking for another service. Does anyone have one to recommend that has a search function? (and that responds to customer requests/complaints/needs??? Thank you!


I don't do campaigns in the usual sense and need to find old ones to copy quite often... making the campaign name searchable would be a big help!

would like to be able to search for past emails by page (or date would be even better), not by endless scrolling

Do Not like the contact page, no longer can add additional emails.

It would be very helpful to be able to search for sent campaigns, instead of having to "View More Campaigns" and scroll.
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We often copy email campaigns or parts of them. It would be extremely helpful if Constant Contact had a search feature so we could find a topic without having to search through pages and pages of former campaigns. As it is now, we name our emails using keywords in the first few characters so we can see the topics when scrolling through. This is archaic. Every other program and website we use allows us to search or at least do a control-F (find). When we have asked Constant Contact in the past, we have been told to organize our email campaigns into folders. That is helpful but not realistic all the time because of the overlap in topics.  Furthermore, it is a help, not a SOLUTION.  Please add a search feature. Ideally, we would like the search tool to access the body of each email but we would could work with it just searching in campaign titles. Thank you!

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Why was this thread "Closed - NO ACTION"?  This is clearly an issue.  Accounts with a large number of previous campaigns have no easy way to find old campaigns.  It seems like a "Search" function would be an easy fix.

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WHY CAN'T I SORT BY DATE!?!?!? This is really unhelpful to sort alphabetically or by "last modified". I have hundreds of events!!!!! I sort by DATE OF EVENT!!!!! Please make this an option again
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