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Stop calling- please please stop calling

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Stop calling- please please stop calling

Here's an idea- stop bugging the hell out of potential clients

I log into my free trial- within minutes my phone rings.  Every single call makes my blood boil and I want to switch over to mailchimp just for the peace. And the fact that the calls are centered around me logging in is invasive and creepy beyond description. I do not NEED help and if I do I will ask for it. I have actually blocked your calls to I can work in peace without your lousy sales pitch being shoved down my auditory canal. I can also read- I understand the terms as stated- we are not ready to send an email yet so at this point I do not want to pay. END OF STORY. Every email is repeated by my "personal rep aka tormenting stalker" Who decided the policy should be to hassle the hell out of potential clients until they cough up a credit card to make it all stop or they run screaming. Either way we are very close to going the way of the monkey. I have not gotten a single call from them vs at least 25 from you.

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CTCT Employee
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Hello @HillaryH044,

I am very sorry to hear that you feel like you have received too many calls from us. Thank you for taking the time to submit this feedback to us, as comments like this can help change our processes in the future. I will definitely be passing this feedback along to the appropriate team for you. If you have any other feedback for us feel free to come back to the community at any time.