Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

Campaign Contributor
We share a company account and have thousands of emails. It would be helpful if there was a search feature to easily find emails.

Having a search function for campaigns would be incredibly helpful, going through page by page looking for an email is tedious.

Marketing Legend

How about we wrap up this long list of requests with a "yes, we've implemented it"? That would be cool.


Aren't y'all tired of hearing us ask for this, Constant Contact? I know I'm tired of asking. 😕

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My non-profit has many users, thousands of campaigns, and it is a huge time sink for our already busy staff not to be able to find campaigns with a key word search. It really, really is needed.

Campaign Contributor

We need to search through campaigns to find previous email campaigns.


Hey Folks,


Just discovered this issue and found a quick work around.


Go to Reporting tab (in dark grey tool bar) from the main page > Then scroll down passed the ekg trend readout to Email Campaigns search bar.


Hope that helps and that it has not already been mentioned.


Thanks for the idea HughCO.  That will definitely be helpful, but it only searches emails not events.  Still, it helps!!



Campaign Collaborator

This is a huge help. Thank you so much! Of course, it would be nice if CC would just fix the issue. But this is a great work around. 

Marketing Legend

The reports page is handy for finding recent campaigns.  I have mentioned the Reports search bar in my previous post in they way of "why can CC have a search bar on the reports page but not the campaign page?"  The Reports page only accesses the past 500 campaigns; for us that is only back to March of this year.  We, along with many other companies I see on this message, need to go back further than that.

Marketing Legend

HughCO, right on! Thanks for the workaround. It would be great if CC would just implement this in the Campaigns tab, but this will be very useful in the meantime. Kudos! :thumbsup:

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