Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!


Hi, my program has been using CC since it first started.  I have just a few things that would be great, if you could consider adding in your next update:


1.  It would be really helpful when you are in your contacts list, to be able to choose the fields displayed.  For example, right now you can only choose from either (name, email, date added, source) OR (name, email, conmpany, city/state).  It would be great if you could add other field options...esp. Tags.  It would be much easier to edit tags that are missing as you see them, instead of opening each record and/or exporting and re-uploading the list (as many times the tags do not get transferred)

2.  It would also be very helpful if there was a search bar that you could search by the name of the email instead of just a date range.

3. also, the sort doesn't really work.  If you want to sort sent emails from new to old, it does not sort them correctly.  the dates are all mixed up.  Not sure if it is sorting by date modified or actual sent date.



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Hey @LESLIED, thanks so much for your detailed feedback! I definitely understand how these items would make the usability of Constant Contact a much better experience. 

Regarding the sorting issue, sorting from new to old would sort the campaigns based on the date they were created. If you wanted to see the campaigns based on the date they were last updated, whether it be  an edit, scheduling it, or changing a setting on that campaign, you'd want to select the option to sort by "Last modified". 


I hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions. 



Campaign Expert

I was just about to request this feature - to be able to search a campaign by keywords. I'm tired of scrolling page by page when I can't remember the date something was sent - but remember what it was about. We often send thank you messages to event attendees. It would be great to be able to search based on type of event keyword in the email campaign, copy that and edit. Pretty please can we have this? It would make life so much easier!

I would like to re-use and old campaign but there is no way to search them.
We need to be able to search our SENT newsletters. It is ridiculous that you don't include this function.
There needs to be a search bar so that we can search the campaigns or emails by name, not just date.
Please add a Search feature to the All Campaigns email library. It is very difficult to find a unique email within the sent library. A simple word search would be great! Thank you! Kelli Grisez, Compass Media Networks

I think many of us in this great community would support the idea of adding a "Search" function. I noticed that it has been bought up many times in other posts.


Please add a "Search" function, it would make using Constant Contact much easier and quicker!




Honestly? Three and a half years since a search functionality has been initially requested -- in this thread only, because there are others -- and still nothing! WOW. Constant contact, really? Three and a half years and you have not gotten to that place in your platform development roadmap that says "now let's give them campaign search"?

Added to the impossibility of easily excluding a list of tagged contacts, that -- for me -- is the second pointer that you don't much care for your clients. At this point I am not changing providers only because I don't have the time for the research, the move, the adjustment etc.


PS -- just noticed excluding lists by tag is implemented. It differs however from the help file explaining how it functions, so I am off to try and decipher whether "Limit by tag" means only send to those also tagged with XYZ, or send to all above but those tagged XYZ. Oh well..

Campaign Contributor

I agree that a search bar for finding campaigns would be extremely useful.

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