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It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

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Hi - I use constant contact to promote events. I name each blast with a number (which is the date of the event I am promoting ie: 082318 [Aug 23, 2018]). It would make my life so much easier to locate old promotions, if you included up at the top, a search field where I could pull up past events without having to scroll thru pages of archived blasts. Do you think that is something you can add to the Campaigns window? Thank you for your consideration! If it already exists, please tell me where I can find it.
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PLEASE add the ability to search for campaigns! When you have hundreds of campaigns to look through, it is very tedious to find the one you are looking for!

Please create a search function for subjects.


100% agree!!!


Not responsive.


This is really an essential feature to those who have a large number of campaigns. 


It's been two years and we still can't search our library of newsletters and surveys. Your feedback was "Thanks for telling us!", but no change. Read today about stock surging.. checked it out.. no problem searching your library for all documents containing that word. Just an FYI and notice.


Hi, my program has been using CC since it first started.  I have just a few things that would be great, if you could consider adding in your next update:


1.  It would be really helpful when you are in your contacts list, to be able to choose the fields displayed.  For example, right now you can only choose from either (name, email, date added, source) OR (name, email, conmpany, city/state).  It would be great if you could add other field options...esp. Tags.  It would be much easier to edit tags that are missing as you see them, instead of opening each record and/or exporting and re-uploading the list (as many times the tags do not get transferred)

2.  It would also be very helpful if there was a search bar that you could search by the name of the email instead of just a date range.

3. also, the sort doesn't really work.  If you want to sort sent emails from new to old, it does not sort them correctly.  the dates are all mixed up.  Not sure if it is sorting by date modified or actual sent date.



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Hey @LESLIED, thanks so much for your detailed feedback! I definitely understand how these items would make the usability of Constant Contact a much better experience. 

Regarding the sorting issue, sorting from new to old would sort the campaigns based on the date they were created. If you wanted to see the campaigns based on the date they were last updated, whether it be  an edit, scheduling it, or changing a setting on that campaign, you'd want to select the option to sort by "Last modified". 


I hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions. 



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