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Just wondering if will be used as an option when my customers register. I really like it and it's much easier on our side and less expensive. Let me know if this will ever be an option. thank you

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Hello everyone, 


With the newer event tool out and the contract with WePay having ended after 2023, this means that PayPal is currently the only online payment provider available.


While our devs are looking into other alternatives for integrated payment providers, they are also open to any specific suggestions you have:

  • What payment provider would you prefer to use?
  • What is the most important aspect in a payment provider to you?


I would like to be able to process event payments through Network for Good.  We are a nonprofit and they offer good pricing.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @KelleyW87,


Thank you so much for the feedback! I've opened this idea for voting.


When guests are registering for an event, Please make a payment option that states something like " Other pay/ pay Event Coordinator Directly"  something to allow guests to pay me at my store in advance on my cc reader when they don't want to register online.  Then I won't have to make a "pay by check" option available in order to register these guests this way even though they have paid me with cash or cc at my store.  I want Pay w/ CC option or Pay at Watermelon Creek Vineyard

so I am not waiting for checks.  I don't use the  " Pay at The Door" Option very much.







Add my vote to add square.  Much more reliable that PayPal. 


Add Square as an online payment option for events.

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As a non-profit allowing credit card transactions is a risky move because of the additional fees but it is inevitably what people prefer to use. Trying to make it easier for people to attend our events we have allowed for credit cards to be used to purchase tickets. When we managed event registration without constant contact we applied a different cost for those that wanted to convenience of paying with a credit card (slightly higher to cover the service fees). Using to constant contact event registration is great but there is no way to adjust the rate when people choose to pay with a credit card. You could put two separate rates on your event and hope people would do the honorable thing or pay attention to the different rates but there is a big risk there. This should be an improvement made to the registration service.


 Yes, would love to have Square as online payment option for events!


Yes, would love the option of integrating square as a payment option.

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I would love to be able to add a Venmo button to the bottom of our emails. Venmo is a growing social network for processing payments and donations. 

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Hi! It would so great if someone could register and pay via Venmo, not just Pay Pal. Lots of people prefer this and from my POV I make more $ since Venmo currently doesn't take a percentage like everyone else does (PP take 2.5% of ticket). Thanks, - Carrie
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