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Allow customization of mobile view

Currently, emails are automatically configured for mobile view. However, this feature has errors and is aesthetically unpleasing. I would love to see the ability to edit/customize both the desktop and mobile views.

Top Answer

Hi everyone,


Thank you all so much for taking the time to explain to share your feedback on this feature request. We’ve compiled and discussed this feedback you’ve shared internally. There are no immediate developments pertaining to this request, but we are continuing to share the feedback and use cases discussed here. We will mark this as Acknowledged and will post any updates we may hear from our teams.

Campaign Contributor

There's no need to vote on these basic features we should already be given when paying for the subscription. Just give us the feature. How many people open up emails on their phone in 2023? Please update it so we can edit both mobile and desktop view. There's no good reason why this can't be done. 


There really needs to be a way to switch to "Mobile View" for editing. The way an email reads on a cell phone vs on a laptop or tablet screen is drastically different and it currently looks really bad in mobile unless it's a really lame, basic email.


Yes to mobile editing


Please make this an option! At the very least we need to be able to toggle if we want an item to just not show in mobile view. Having control over image size and text alignment on mobile would be amazing.. even if it was basic such as image size options of xs, small, med, large photos

Constant Contact Partner

Yes, please add this feature.  

you should have an option to make the design mobile responsive as it is it doesn't look how I want it to and that's unacceptable

Why has this feature still not been added? The mobile design looks awful 

Constant Contact Partner

It would be greatly appreciated if this feature could be added


Absolutely interested in this feature! When using the double column for formatting, it is displaying my pictures/text in the wrong order on mobile. It'd definitely a necessary update for the user experience. Thank you!


This feature is very crucial to us! Even if it's just formatting the text to not have weird spacing between each word


Just wanted to reiterate a previous comment: Customers have been asking for this feature since 2017. Now 5 years later when mobile usage is the highest it's ever been, this feature is more important than ever.

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