Bring back Social Share web link when scheduling campaign

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Your removal of the Social Share when scheduling an email campaign is a HUGE inconvenience and mistake. You now require users to go back into CC AFTER a campaign has gone out to then find the web link and attempt to share (not always an option). The web link of an email campaign was an IMMENSELY USEFUL tool. We had such great feedback that library patrons could get news of events in real time via social media instead of slogging through emails. We want social media users to have the capability to register for events in the same time frame as our email readers. Your update has removed that capability. Now our social media users are taking a back seat to email readers. This is backward progress. PLEASE BRING BACK SOCIAL SHARE when we schedule our email campaigns!!

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @NewProvidenceLibrary where in your campaign scheduling process are you looking for the option to schedule a social share post? Does the "Share Now" button on your campaign details page help fit your needs?




Are you having this experience when scheduling your email campaign to send now or when scheduled for later?

Status changed to: Closed - No Action

Thank you for your feedback. It seems like our last comment may have resolved the issue, but please come back and leave a comment at anytime if you have any additional feedback for scheduling social posts.

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