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Howdy! I volunteer for the Niles Canyon Railway. We run holiday trains from Thanksgiving to New Years to raise funds for our operations. About 15,000 tickets are sold. After what seemed like years, I convinced the leadership that investing in Constant Contact would be a good idea. After all, we'd only need to sell a dozen more tickets to pay for it. They relented and begrudgingly said OK. (Man, was I proved right!) Thanks to CC, we sold out in weeks, then days, and now in HOURS. This note came today from our volunteer who reports on the online sales: "For the third year in a row, sales have been faster than the previous years. (Prior to 2008, our best years for selling out the trains was 11 days, and 9.5 days). This was prior to Eventbrite. Then we had the downturn of the economy, which slowed our sales more. The uptick 3 years ago coincides with getting our Constant Contact service up and running, and sending out the reminder emails. For the 2017 reminder, we had 13,000 people on the reminder list." I thought you might like to know how your service has created a success story for a nonprofit that makes a lot of people happy, as it preserves railroading history. BTW, if you want tickets, they're almost all gone - they went on sale today at 10am. (It's 12:40 now. Wow.) Thank you! Laura Bajuk
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Wow, GailNCRy! It's awesome to hear about how much you and your organization have been able to improve your sales and reach. Everyone loves a good success story and I'm so glad you shared yours with us. I've passed your post on to our organization for everyone to see! :smileyface:

If I were in the area, I would have loved to catch a ride on one of the trains - they look so fun! I noticed you were using Eventbrite and thought you might be able to benefit from the new integration we have with them. You can insert your event details directly into your email with just a few clicks. It's already included with your Email Plus package at no additional charge, so you could start using with your next event.

Side note: It's not available in the email campaigns that you've created in the past due to them being in our Legacy Templates, however, the new templates and editor are very user friendly and are all mobile responsive. If you have any questions about it, we're always here to help!

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