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If you could develop a way to combine contact lists for editing and updating that would be great. It is time consuming to go through so many individual lists that I rarely update it and that's not good.

charlotte Klaar

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Hi @DianeD1544. What information would you be updating on these lists? 


Dear Caitlin,

1. I have recently changed who handles my marketing. Therefore, Diane D1544, is no longer involved and I now pay for the account through my own company. I have changed my username and password to reflect that but am unsure as to whether I need to change more things in the file.


2. My question was related to the difficulty of pruning my contact list. Is there any way to see all contacts in a single list as well or instead of in segmented packets? 



Charlotte Klaar


Hi @DianeD1544. Thank you for that information.


1. You can change the Community screen name in your Account Settings  


2. You can either view contacts by All Contacts (which would show all contacts in your account) or view them by list. You can also use the Search feature to find a specific contact, or group of contacts, based on their email address or email domain, first or last name, job title, company, city, state, ZIP code, or any custom fields that you've created. Is this what you were looking to do?

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