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Converting pdfs and Word documents to Landing pages

To Whom It May Concern,


It would be really helpful to be able to convert pdfs and Word documents to Landing Pages. I'm often given documents to share with our members through newsletters regarding classes that have additional resources and information. Our Board is asking for all attachments to be made into landing pages now so that they can be edited after publication. But it's very time consuming to re-create the files into landing pages with Constant Contact. It would be helpful it there were a way to convert. Thanks for consideration.

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Status changed to: Clarifying

Hello @OLLIatUCI ,


How would you want this to work? Are you just wanting it to function similar to the Create email from a PDF function, where our system builds an email with the document's first page image conversion, and a text block with default wording to replace?


Are you wanting the conversion to somehow create fields for filling out on sign-up landing pages? Or are you mainly concerned with generating custom landing pages that re-arrange all the data from the document into a text-block setup?


Are you expecting image layouts and other individual blocks to be generated during the conversion process in custom landing pages, or are you mainly looking for everything to be in one massive text block?


Is there a particular functionality you're hoping to achieve by being able to convert these documents into landing pages, that simply uploading to your account library and linking to isn't able to do?

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