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Easier way to create segments

I'd love to see CC implement an easier way to create segments, particularly from lists. At the moment, I have my contacts segmented into nearly 120 lists, and that number continues to grow. (I'm with a school, so we have alumni organized by discipline, year, etc., we have donors organized by event, relationship, etc.) Creating segments currently involves setting criteria to list membership, then selecting the list, then repeating the process again and again and again. It's more trouble than it's worth. 


Would it be possible to have the option to save a mailing list as a mailing is going out? So, as you click send on an email, CC might ask, "Would you like to save the current mailing list as a segment?" That would seem easy to implement, improve the user experience, and get more customers to engage with the segments feature. 

Status changed to: Gathering Information

Hi @NOCCAandNOCCAFoundation. I can certainly see how needing to create multiple segments for each list can take up time. I wanted to run this idea by you if you're using the same criteria for all of your lists. Have you merged all of the lists together into a "mega-list" and created a segment using this new list? Or do you use different segments for each list? I'm trying to find some possible solutions for you that would save time.


For the second part, I'm not sure I fully understand this request. Are you attempting to create a new list using the segments selected on the schedule page?

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Hello. We are closing this post since we did not receive the requested information. If you wish to follow up, please comment on the post and we can reopen the conversation.

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