[Events 2.0] Notifications When Someone Registers

In Legacy events there was an option to send the organizer an email when someone registers for the event. I'm not seeing that option in Events 2.0 - can that option be added back??? Thank you!

Campaign Collaborator

In the old event module, there was a checkbox you could check if you wanted to be notified when someone registers for your event. Otherwise you'd have no way of knowing unless you specifically go to check registrations on each event. Someone registered and used the pay by check option and if they hadn't emailed me with a question, I would not have known they signed up.

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Now that the beta period is nearing an end, can we get an update on the status of this request?  As in interim solution, can you simply include the reply-to address in the bcc field of the confirmation email that is sent to registrants? Any notification would be better than nothing.

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I am also disappointed that I cannot receive email notifications when someone registers for my event. 

Campaign Expert

This feature is an absolute must!  Requiring an administrator to log-in and run a report every time they want to see event registrations (primarily ones that are "free" or "pay by check") is a complete waste of time.  


email notifications are essential when someone registers for an event. it’s been months and we’re wondering why this feature hasn’t been added back like it used to be?

frustrating to say the least

Brenda C2054852408
Constant Contact Partner

Please add the email notification back when someone registers.  This was instrumental in our operations of events.


Eagerly awaiting the return of this functionality.  Without email notifications of people registering for our events it is almost making events unusable for our company.

Campaign Collaborator

I'm literally shocked that there is no way for the event coordinator to be notified when someone registers for an event. I feel like constant contact is so far behind the race when it comes to event management. And now, making it so PayPal is the Only payment method available? PLEASE listen to your customers and give us back that option! Are you guys purposely trying to phase out event management by removing all of our necessities so we eventually have to move on to another company? 


I'll add my voice here! Getting notification when someone registers for an event is essential! Please add this feature to 2.0!

Campaign Contributor

It is vital to be able to receive notifications when someone registers for an event. If you don't enable this feature again, we may switch event platforms. 

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