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I can safely say that your Events module is one of the worst I've used. From an event manager view, the information you provide to the users is extremely limiting or basically useless. For example, on the Reporting section there are two reports for me to download. Great, however, they are same reports and do not tell me the names of the people who purchased ads while the next section, Item Summary, lists that people bought ads. No report for this section to download. So who the hell bought ads and why can't I get a report on that!? Hello! Your design options were also limiting and not very interesting. What you offer for creating campaigns is much more interesting. Why can't those campaign templates be available for events? Makes zero sense. No option to add a photo of our event's honoree on the electronic invitation. Again, that made no sense. Your reporting component needs a major overhaul. When sending payments, it is also not helpful when you do not provide an itemized list of which guests the money came from that totals the amount sent. Right now, this piece of what you offer is very weak and disappointing. Sent by Kimberlee
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