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Here is an idea............dont steal customers money

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I just signed up.   First email sent to about 9k emails I had 11 spam reports......seems incredibly low to me.

So day two after I paid $100 for a month, you put my account on hold JUST because there was 11 spam reports out of 9000?


 Worse, you emailed me that you suspended my account but would continue to charge me even though I had zero access to my account?    Wow.   


End result, I cancelled my account after 2 days because horrible service and decisions.   And you have thousands of complaints about charging accounts even after they have been cancelled.   That better not happen here.


Terrible experience would NEVER recommend to anybody ever!

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Hello @craigw586,

I'm sorry that you are unhappy but there is not much control we have over these terms. When it comes to spam it is something we take very seriously here at Constant Contact. You can read more about our anti-spam policy and our terms and conditions. 

Upon signing up we do require that each customer understands and agrees to our permission-based Terms of Service. In addition, when customers upload a contact list, they must agree that it is consent-based. 

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