I hope this message reach someone who cares about the company reputation not the support

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To whom it may concern, Yesterday, your company charged $108 from my account (1/24/22) HOWEVER the next charge was supposed to happen on 1/29/2022. Why did you charge earlier? I called the support and spoke with Joseph. I asked for the cancellation and refund and Joseph said "we are not a refund company type" wow! What is that supposed to mean? It is unbelievable that a company size like Constant Contact has a customer service representative saying this type of thing. second because when I asked to speak with the manager Joseph told me that it would take up to 5 days for the manager to call me back and he will send a note to the finance department to request the refund approval. No email or notes were sent to me to prove that it would be taken care of. I am pretty sure he wouldn't move my request forward. Joseph kept resisting to send me a case number, an email or any type of proof that he would at least send my request to the finance department for approval. Why was it so difficult? you charged my account before the due date and you want to keep my money! Should I go to BBB to get my refund? or make a fuss on social media channels? I am a small business owner and it makes sense for my business to use your system in the Fall season only which is my busy season). I just want to express my disappointment with the company charge/cancelation process and the customer service. My husband spoke to him on the phone and after so much back and forth he finally sent the cancellation email confirmation but I am still not have my refund confirmation and I simply cannot believe he will move forward with my request so that's why i am asking here hoping that someone how cares about this company read this message and do something about it . Your customer service needs lots of improvement. Maybe he is working from home and nobody is around him to listen to the way he is handling the customers' phone calls. I used to work for customer service and I know how it works! I really hope this message can reach someone who cares about the company reputation and I don't need to take further steps to have my refund because if needed I will! I also need my invoice from 2021 which is not available for viewing since my account is canceled and I need it for my tax purposes. I checked my email and I never got the 2021 invoice. Please send it to me  I appreciate someone can take care of this properly. Luciana




Thank you for sharing this feedback with us! We apologize this is the experience you've had with the billing on your account as it is definitely not the experience we want our users to have. With that said, due to account security we are unable publicly go into your billing details. We can however share some of our basic billing policies including the fact that accounts are pre-billed a credit amount and then charge on their actual bill date. With that said, your feedback has been submitted to our Billing Department. A member of this team is also reviewing your refund request and will contact you directly with any further updates.

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