I need help from CC engineers

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Ever since you made changes to the interface and editor for emails just one thing after another has been going wrong.  I wish you had put out a beta version before you saddled us with this klunky platform.


The absolute worst is I cannot consistently move blocks up and down in an email. I try to slide box up or down and the message will not scroll. Sometimes if I pop the block up and down it works, sometimes not. Even if I zoom way out it's often impossible. This has almost brought me to tears.  I reported this last week and got help from one of your agents who agreed it was truly a problem--i.e. not just me--and would report it.  I got an email acknowledgement but have heard nothing back since, and the problem is getting WORSE. 


The next worst is that I am constantly getting popups telling me I might get logged out. Sometimes they pop up WHILE I AM ENTERING TEXT! One of your Help agents said you knew about it.  How can you know about it and take more than days to fix it?  How complicated can it be?  



Another problem I've reported is with the image library.  In the grid mode, quite often the whole images do not appear--i.e. if they're especially wide, unless I zoom way out--so far out I can't see detail in them. So I don't know what the image is until I place it. 


I'm especially worked up about this because these things DID NOT USED TO HAPPEN before y'all made a bunch of changes several months ago that I suppose you thought were improvements but instead we're going backwards. I've been using CC for 3 years but the last few months is the first I've kept running into things that cost me A LOT OF TIME EVERY SINGLE EMAIL. Today it is taking me 4 hours plus to compose an email that formerly would have taken less than 3.  I am getting, in case you haven't noticed, really fed up.  


Mark Heinicke for login client ""--i.e. Road Race Management, Inc.


Hi @PamB34

Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We apologize you're unable to work in your account and create emails as easily as you should. We have taken a look at your account and can see these defects you have mentioned (cropped thumbnail images, timing out, and the editor not scrolling when dragging a block) have all been tracked in your account. We would be happy to also continue tracking these experiences on this idea thread as well. For any users who are having these experiences as well here is some workarounds and further information we request:

  • Editor not scrolling when dragging a block
    • Do you continue seeing this happen when trying in Incognito mode work? If so, does clearing cache / disabling addons help?
    • The workaround we recommend is to try in incognito Mode (if using Chrome) or dragging a block as far as you can, releasing, scrolling and repeating as necessary
  • Cropped thumbnail images
    • All non-square images are cropped to square in order to fit into the image selection grid. Inserting the image into your campaign will allow them to show at the correct proportions without cropping.
  • Timing out
    • Where did they notice the loading or unresponsiveness? Were you idle before making these changes, if so how long were you idle for?
    • The workaround we recommend is to refresh the page or visit Constant Contact again in another tab to log back in.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused by these experiences or the workarounds we recommend and will reach out to this thread when there are any further updates to share.

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Thank you for taking the time to post in the Community. We haven't heard back from you so we are going to close this idea. This doesn't mean that we aren't listening to your feedback! Please feel free to comment or vote on any of the other open ideas to let us know what you would like to see.

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