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Please add a searchable option for emails that appear when you select "quicksend." Perform International is a group travel company. We currently have 50+ groups traveling in 2023 with anywhere from 10-300 travelers with each group. Each group receives multiple group emails about their trip between when they register and their departure date. When someone registers for a trip after several group emails have already been sent, or asks that a group message be resent to them, we literally have to scroll through hundreds of emails to find the one we want to quicksend. This is very time consuming. It would be SO helpful if we could search by campaign name or even folders. Thank you for considering this option.


Hi @KristaM44

Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! At this time the Quicksend option does not have a searchable menu. It is however a feature request we can continue collecting feedback on through this thread. In the meantime we do recommend users continue scrolling down through the campaigns to find and select the one needed.

Status changed to: Acknowledged
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Do you realize how time-consuming it is to scroll through 300+ emails looking for the one you want to quicksend?

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