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Please let us know if you plan to add Gab, Rumble, Telegram, Bitchute as additional options to share our content with? Millions have left Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You would be a huge step ahead of your competitors by offering these additional options. Please consider for all of us patriots.  Thank you, Doug

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @DougG533 thank you for sharing this feedback with us! While we do not currently have a time estimate of when these social platforms will be available, it is a feature request we have tracked with our Product Team. We have also opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well.


I request that Constant Contact include more social media promotion opportunities for newsletters created within Constant Contact.  Facebook is being deserted by many; Twitter is undergoing crash as it appears that majority of users are robots (bots) per what Elon Musk is exposing.  My company does not have videos so Instagram is not appropriate.


I request that Constant Contact keep up with the social media growth by including links to and TruthSocial.  Getter and TruthSocial are populated by real people, and where many of my customers have migrated. To offer only the traditional social media is becoming terribly out of date, and makes my company look old fashion and linked to sites that use bots (Facebook has many bots also) and farm users for advertising.  Thank you for considering moving your social media to where the real people are going.


Please re-think Constant Contact social media choices.

Twitter has been found to be about 50% bots (robots -- not people).

Facebook is losing viewers because of censorship and using users for advertisement.

Many of my customers have moved on to and TruthSocial -- platforms that remove bots; therefore contain real people.

Instagram is mainly video, and my company does not have videos so Instagram is not appropriate


Constant Contact -- add the new, growing, real social media sites to social media offerings -- and Truth Social.  Any others you may think to add would be appreciated.  My company had a twitter account, had followers, but when I investigated, the followers were "strange" -- not my customer types so I can understand now that they were most likely bots and not real customers.  


Thank you for keeping up with the social media changes -- twitter and Facebook are old news.

Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

With the changes being made to our Feedback flow, we are changing this status to Not Currently Planned. At this time, we do not have plans to include any other social media channels in our social sharing and posting tool. Campaigns can be manually shared using the permanent campaign URL. If we hear anything in the future regarding this feature request, we will update the thread.


Will Constant Contact have icons in the "Social Share" and "Social Follow" sections for Gab, Truth Social, and Gettr?

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