Include skip logic in new survey pages, Set questions to only show based on previous answers

Need the ability in the new Survey page feature to add skip logic functionality to questions. This is currently available in the legacy survey tool. The legacy survey tool should continue to be available for use until current functionality is available in the new survey tool.

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Our Product teams are in the works to review requested features for our Survey Pages tool, including the ability to include skip logic. This is a highly requested ask since it was available in our Legacy Survey tool. If we hear any updates or are able to share information surrounding release dates, we will update this post.

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@Caitlin_M and anyone else from CC out there, how is this issue nearly 2 years old and still hasn't been addressed?!?  The survey feature had these capabilities for years, we've been using them for nearly 10 years and now we just get this dumbed down basically non-function feature?!?  I posted about this nearly a year ago (3/30/22) in this thread and we still don't have any concrete updates.  


New Survey Builder is useless without the survey logic. for the price, I expect something more sophisticated. This was one of two reasons we were maintaining CC. So disappointing. - Chris Straley

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Skip logis is needed.  I have a business that offers 2 services, 1 that everyone uses that I send to email.  And the other sevice only a portion of the people used it - less than 25%.   They are a subset of the entire list.  So all customers receive the survey to rate our services and all have to scroll thorugh all of the questions that pertain only to the subset.  And I am not going to make 2 emails for that group.  Please add skip logic back ! 


It appears to have been a few years since the survey product was updated, and according to everything I could find online (including quite a community posts going back to at least 2021), your user base really, really, really overwhelmingly wants survey skip logic, but you all don't seem to care. I guess  since Constant Contact's survey product can't do something that is an extraordinarily basic feature of almost every survey product in the market.  This is insane, and I can't figure out how Constant Contact seems to be so committed to a substandard product.  

I agree that skip or branching logic would be beneficial tool for surveys.

Cathy Day, Dallas Chapter, TAFP


This was over a year ago. Seems like a basic feature for such a high profile application like Constant Contact.  Has this been implemented?

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