Mobile App issues on iPad

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Building out emails on my iPad Pro is virtually impossible with this new software update. Really annoying. The “build” buttons get frozen, and overall, it just doesn’t function the same. I love using my Pro for portability and likely will switch software if this doesn’t get resolved. 

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We have not heard back from you regarding your experience with the mobile app. Therefore, we will be closing this idea.


While each web browser has a mobile version for tablets and smartphones, the mobile version is designed for devices that rely on touch input and have smaller screens and slower processors. With this in mind, Constant Contact is not suited to be used in a mobile browser and the experience will not be the same as you would have working on a desktop.


It's best to either open Constant Contact through a web browser on your desktop or laptop computer, or download the Constant Contact mobile app for your iOS or Android device.

It’s obvious going through previous comments that CC has a significant issue running on an iPad.  Clearly iPad and iOS has enough horsepower to handle any of the tasks one can do with the program.  When will CC update their site to make it convenient for the customer?! 

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