Need more template options

You should have more templates for the different Holidays available or a plain text option


Thank you for posting, can you tell me more about the templates you are looking for? We've got lots of Email templates available for you!

...It's like there's no menu, no choices, no home page ???

Hi Scott,

Once you have chosen to start a new camapign you will see the available templates! Are you looking for a specific one I can help you find?


- Feedback button is hidden in contacts - should be everywhere! - Want more creative templates like the one of the shopping bag under retail. Please get creative!!! You are a creative company!!! - After an e-mail has been created and archived, the formatting of the archived e-mail is sometimes not cohesive and formatted nicely - it's off or uneven.

Can't locate Small Business Saturday templates
Campaign Expert

Can someone please add a basic business template that allows the ability to left justify an email?  Seems very basic and wanted by your users.  I would hope you could easily add this....


Hi @CraigD63 

At this time you cannot force an email to be on the left of an email client but you can left justify the text within the template. To do this you will want to go into each block of content and align the text left.


If a user gets an email and has a larger window the email will be centered. 


Thanks for sharing your feedback on this!


OMG you folks need to update your templates more than ever. Seriously old, outdated, and ugly. This was apparent to me at Christmas when I couldn't find *any* templates that didn't stink. It is what made me shop around. UPDATE OR LOSE !!!

I like this site, however I don't understand why pass holiday's and events stay on the site.I feel like It limits my choices. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years etc. are all OVER and have been over for months. As a customer I feel the site needs to be updated more often. I am a Cafe that likes to send my emails according to the holiday or season. I send over 700 emails a day...the emails are my daily breakfast and lunch specials. Thank you
Campaign Expert
I have been a client of Constant Contact for a little over a month now. Our company is looking forward to utilizing this tool to communicate with our clientele and generate new leads. Charged with the task of learning this software, I have enrolled in numerous webinars that I am grateful your company has made available to new users. There is always a learning curve when using a new tool; however, the tutorials, webinars and community forums truly have truly been an asset to help us hit the ground running with the handful of campaigns we’ve already sent out in our short membership. In saying that, I would like to communicate my frustration in how disappointed I was to learn today, that the interface the instructors are using in your introductory webinars, are outdated. When I am being walked through the best practices on how to choose a template, there is a whole selection of options that are not available to me as the “new” interface I have is too simplistic. When the instructor is navigating between the emails, apps, and other menu items at the top of their screen, I look to my blank blue bar with sadness. Those options are not available to me. If I wanted to organize my email blasts into different folders, to capitalize on the suggestion of portioning and sending the blasts at different times to gauge my audiences’ best click-to-open rate, I now realize, I cannot. I realize that simplicity can make for a more user friendly experience; however, one shouldn’t negate functionality. This “new” interface has been dumbed down too much. I do hope you re-integrate some of the features you have sadly just rid yourself of. I hope enough people with cry out in frustration as I am now. And I’m a new member!
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