New Editor Update

The new update to the editor is EXTREMELY ANNOYING.


Before, I would click on a link to edit it since we use the same format every week and it would allow me to edit the document link.  Now I have to click on it twice, scroll backwards through the documents list, and pick something new.  Half the time it is adding words in where I don't want them.  I recently had to add something and it would not allow me to edit the color.  I can't choose the original color text I had before and it defies my ability to go back and fix it.  When I go to update pictures, it moves the picture to above the article or below it.  It won't leave it where I originally placed it.  The only way to circumvent that is to click the picture, then go to library, then choose the picture I want to use--before I could simply drag the picture from the builder into the right space.


Also, the way the header is formatted now, it's hard to see and therefore, very easy to miss.  Please go back to the previous builder.  This is a frustrating upgrade that has made it more difficult to use, not easier.


Agreed. It's like they've stepped back in time with this version. It's frustrating.

Campaign Expert

Agreed.  I cannot finish my work using this horrible platform now.  Don't know why they thought they needed to fix something that was not broken. 


Campaign Expert

I completely agree.  I am so frustrated.  Making a copy of a previous campaign and going in to edit has taken at least twice the amount of time to complete!  Pasting and editing fonts has become extremely time consuming. PLEASE GO BACK TO THE OLD USER FORMAT!!!!  Constant Contact is not user friendly right now, please help your clients and bring back the old version.


Hi @FLC_Norfolk


We're always open to ways we can better our user's experience and thank you for this feedback! With that said, after taking a look at your most recent campaign we were unable to replicate this same experience with your document links as well as being unable to replace images through dragging and dropping. Are you still having difficulty with this? Is it happening in more than one browser? You also mentioned unwanted text appearing, what exactly appears? What are the steps you're taking before this appears? As for your font colors, are you unable to edit the color because the recently used colors is not appearing? If so we recommend sharing your experience directly on the thread focused on this defect.


Hi everyone, we would like to make sure every user on this thread is addressed as well.


@Mercyhealth what about this updated editor does not fit your needs?


@WillD403 what exactly are you experiencing in your campaign that is making you unable to finish your work?


@KathleenP830 what are the steps you're taking to past and edit your fonts? What are you seeing happen when you do this?

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Campaign Collaborator

We, too, are having trouble using the new editor platform.  UNDO is a nightmare, as it doesn't seem to simply undo the last action - but goes back 3 or 4.  Text disappears at random.  Changing pix is a hit or miss.

All we want is the ability to opt back to the old editor.  IS THIS POSSIBLE?


Hi @kweeksTAM


We apologize for the experience you're having with working in our updated editor. Switching back to our previous editor is however not an available option for users. We have begun moving everyone into the Cross Platform Editor so that we can maintain and improve one email editor experience going forward that will work more seamlessly between desktop and mobile devices. What steps are you taking before seeing text disappear? What browser are you working in? On the other hand the defect you are experiencing with the undo button does have a thread of its own. We do recommend sharing your feedback and experience on this directly on that thread.

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Hello. We are closing this post since we did not receive the requested information. If you wish to follow up, please comment on the post with the information requested and we can reopen the conversation.

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