Option to Mark Products for both Shippable and Local Pickup

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The importing of products seems to be delayed (or failing) Saturday Nov 28th. It also seems impossible to set the shippable to button to be off; or the instore pickup button to be on. It would be VERY helpful to have this i.e. column heading "fulfillment" where we could set to ship or in store or other. It would also be more useful if the product display allowed for display of fulfillment setting, etc. To confirm product setting via print (since there is not inventory export). Thanks! PS on https://app.constantcontact.com/pages/seobuilder/website#stores the footer is constantly blinking

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Another workaround would be to have default product settings such as one of fulfillment settings, inventory track, etc.


Personally I find it easier to enter everything into a spreadsheet (except the photos, cannot figure out how to do that, files on my computer or phone), import all the product specific and then add the appropriate photos.  I do find the photo adding a little clunky, but it works.  

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Hi @shelleys104 are you still experiencing this delay with importing your products? As for having the ability to set a product as shippable or local pickup and default product settings are both great feature requests. What kind of default settings would you like to see? I have opened up your idea and tracked this information so other users can weigh in as well in the meantime.

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I am now able to import spreadsheets without issue.  I suspect I was the cause of the problem.  I had modified the template to remove columns not needed.  Thought I had a successful test of my new template, then proceeded to load up.  Perhaps I deleted one too many columns from the provided import spreadsheet.  Using provided and simply hiding unneeded columns is working fine.  I can work with this, but had hoped to simplify it for some less savvy (avoid getting wrong columns).  Oh well, best I do it.


I would ideally like to have all of the fields of each product (settings tab, we don't need variants) loadable from import of spreadsheet.  I was also able to add column to load categories - yay!  But nothing, tried multiple variations, of anything in the "shippable" column has any impact.  Fulfillment Method, Shippable button is always selected and I have to manually open each product and set each to "in store"


I think it makes sense to have default settings for anything that isn't expected to be unique (name, sku, price), or anything that can't be preloaded by a spreadsheet.  For me, in perfect world, all would be pre-loadable by spreadsheet.  But of course you would need hierarchy, like if spreadsheet is blank, use default; if spreadsheet is different than default, use spreadsheet.


Our inventory is all one off items, things don't repeat or ever restock.  There may be multiples of the same item, but this only happens one time.  It would also be good to have a way to have the inventory no longer show on web once ordered.  


Our transactions are all pickup, so this causes a delay from order to completion.  Could live with item showing in that window BUT think less confusing to customers for it to no longer show once order is placed, and to reappear if order is cancelled.


Really (really) need export of our inventory so we can confirm we are adequately representing items online.  Have gotten up to 300 items, expect another 150-200 to be entered this week.  I am typing fast into spreadsheet, but easy to make mistakes, want to be able to print inventory to give to other to confirm quantities, etc. 


We also could benefit by text field for each product that is only viewable by us ... could use to say where to find item in our physical store.  





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Thank you for taking the time to explain to share your feedback on this feature request. We’ve compiled and discussed much of this feedback you’ve shared internally. There are no immediate developments pertaining to this request, but we are continuing to share the feedback and use cases discussed here. We will mark this as Acknowledged and will post any updates we may hear from our teams.

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