Schedule both A/B test and RSNO email

Currently when utilizing the A/B Test feature, we are not able to schedule that email to re-send to non-openers.  Scheduling that re-send is really beneficial to our open rate, so right now we do not A/B test. Would love to be able to utilize both features on one email.


I am emailing influencers in the market and asking them to share my email, I have about a 50% open rate, on several emails in a database of over 1300, but I have no idea how many and which ones shared it, I can see who opened it and who clicked on the website, but that extra feature letting me know who shared it, would be valuable in telling me if I should continue using this share method or do something else. I propose you have a report on how many shared it and if possible which ones shared it. I realize that you probably can't give me who they shared it with, but even if you can just give the numbers that shared and if possible who shared it, it would be very valuable to my business decisions.

Steven Hornsby

Founding Owner

College Prep Golf Tour



Is there a way to re-send to non openers if you didn't select that option with the original send (it wasn't an option because I did an A/B test)


Hi @LeslieR247

The good news is scheduling both an A/B test and a resend to non-openers on an email is a feature request we are currently collecting feedback on. Because of this we have merged your post into the appropriate thread. In the meantime, as a workaround users can create a new list from their campaign's Did Not Open reports from the A/B campaign reporting, make a copy of the original email, and send the copy to the list made from the Did Not Open reports.


Is this feature available yet? Or do you still have to do it manually?

How long does it take to implement such a needed feature? I might just downgrade from the plus plan if both options can't be combined.

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