Select more than one list on landing page

The "improved" landing page no longer allows for the selection of multiple lists.  This seems to be such a basic feature that I am surprised that it was taken away without an alternative being provided.  It will really limit the use of the landing page feature in our upcoming events.


Yes, please add this function back in!

Campaign Contributor

Being able to select multiple email lists would be tremendously useful on the landing page sign-up form. The legacy forms work, but look stale. This may be a dealbreaker for us when we consider renewing our subscription.

We believe it would be very helpful for customers if they could sign up for multiple email lists on one landing page. Currently the Lead Generation Landing Page does not provide the option for customers to select from a list of existing email lists. This option exists in the inline sign up forms, and it would be most beneficial on Custom or Lead Generation Landing Pages. 

Campaign Collaborator
I like the new clean look of the landing page, but I want users to be able to sign up for multiple email lists.
Status changed to: Under Consideration

I want our residents to be able to sign up for multiple departmental/subject mailing lists in one interaction, and not having to sign up for multiple lists individually. The Legacy Sign-Up builder seems to accomplish that, but, to keep my lists organized by department, I have them all prefixed by the relevant department name. Well that internal name is what displays to the end-user, and it would be nice to be able to assign a "Display As" name for each list so something like "MANAGER'S OFFICE - This Is Saginaw Newsletter" can show simply as "This Is Saginaw Newsletter." This would make the process feel more friendly and less robotic.

Campaign Collaborator

Our organization has multiple programs, our visitors need to have the option to choose which list they want to join. Sometimes they want to join multiple! This request is "under consideration" but how long is the backlog and how will we know if it gets moved to the planned category? 


Adding my vote to having the ability for contacts to opt-in to multiple lists on the new Lead Generation Landing Pages. Thank you.

Why can't we choose multiple contact lists for these pages, like you can with the legacy sign-up forms? sometimes we have two or more lists that we want to group together.

Any plans to follow up with the engineers on this?  Our organization would benefit greatly from the ability to sign up for multiple lists in one form, it's not ideal to have to direct them away to several pages and possibly loose the leads in the process.  It seems like this has been asked for, for a long time.

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