Set margins and page breaks for PDFs

I would like to be able to adjust the margins before downloading my ecampaign as a pdf.


The option to print a PDF of a multi-page newsletter inevitably leads to large gaps on pages. Occurs because there is no guide in the email layout that allows identification of where page breaks occur for various page lengths (e.g. standard 8.4x11, A4 etc.) At least I haven't found this option. Please let me know if there are any workarounds. Thanks



I want to suggest that CC invest time and resources to offer a reformatting option for an emailed newsletter template to be easily printed for folks who do not use the internet but want to receive our newsletter. I work for a nonprofit and we serve older adults and persons with disabilities. Our current newsletter is emailed and posted on our website, but we have several people who cannot access it due to a lack of technological knowledge or lack of access to technology. They would like to receive our newsletter, but unfortunately, when we try and print the current way things are set up, there are weird page breaks, and or information is lost. If the original template had the option to convert to Word or Canva where it could be edited that would be amazing.


I see this has been submitted for many years but the printable version does not line up with the article breaks. It's very frustrating to see the information split so  I have to format it in Word and print from there for the newsletter to flow by page.  There needs to be an option to "format to printable pages."  


I would be nice if either the email would show where the pdf print breaks would be or if I could set which items need to be grouped together (ie I could choose the page breaks) when converting my email to a pdf.  


Though my design ebulletin looks good as an email, the fact that I cannot set page breaks when converting it to an email makes it look really unprofessional, especially when photos that were part of a photo text group end up on another page. 

Page breaks please on printable PDF's!!! Need both E-mail and printable version!

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