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Show and sort most and least engaged contacts

Hello, I am incredibly impressed with the level of service I have received form Constant Contact and tell folks all the time it is the best company I have ever worked with. However, that being said there is something I need or else I will be looking elsewhere for service(I HATE SAYING THAT). You need to include a column in the reports section that we can export. We need to be able to see the engagement level of our customers so we can order them from greatest to lease and vice versa. From a sales perspective this is a must. I can remove hundreds from my list that have never opened an e-mail or I can call the folks in person that have opened everything I have sent. Without this ability I am missing HUGE opportunities to know who is hot and who is cold. Please do this ASAP, I have been asking for 6 months and have seen nothing yet. I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE CONSTANT CONTACT! Please!!

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Hi everyone, thank you for your patience as we looked into this! Because many of the requests made on this thread are currently available through contact engagement, so we are going to close this idea. Please feel free to continue voting and commenting on any of the other open ideas to let us know what you would like to see.


Hello, Just want to give a suggestion and hopefully it helps. In the past I've used and there's a feature that you can organize opens by how many times a prospect opened the email. I notice you have all opens but I have to scroll through them all to try and find out who keeps going in to look at it. This feature on was an incredible time saver for me to differentiate important leads and people showing interest by one tap of the button. It was also on their app. If something like this could be added it would be an excellent function that would be a major time saver for many of your clients like myself. Thanks for listening!

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It would help tremendously to be able view a master list of my active contacts that also showed the list(s) they were currently on as well as the date of the last email they opened.
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I have been looking for ways to analyze the data that is collected from the various emails that we have sent out. Specifically, I am looking to see, in a large excel list, a complete list of all of my contacts with information on how many times they have opened emails and how many times that have clicked through emails. After speaking to Debbie, one of your amazing customer service representatives, I know that this is not a feature that you currently provide. I am wondering if it would be possible to eventually consolidate the data being collected each time an email is sent into a larger pool of data that can be analyzed and searched. Thank you for all of your help.
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If the back end has a healthy relational database as I understand it must, the necessary SQL could probably be dashed out before a cup of coffee got too cold.  But I imagine the difficulty would be programming those results into the rest of the product in a way that users could have at them.  I have no idea about that kind of programming and how dicey it can get when little tweaks wreak havoc across the entire system.  For example, users have overwhelmingly requested a Campaigns search feature for years, but apparently it's too difficult or dangerous to implement.  But I think your idea would be a satisfying project to improve the reporting.  If I were asked by my boss to do it, I might even be heard to utter the words, "Hey, this could be fun."


Such an enhancement would also keep me from having to do 20 hours of my own work with a custom database to get those numbers.



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Show us useful info.  Like the last email opened. It's not that hard - CC has a database, they're running a query, and that info can be returned.  So do it.

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I've been trying to figure out how to view/export a report that shows me each contact name and all the emails they've received within a specific time frame, and whether they've opened or clicked.  I want a full list of all contacts, not viewing them one at a time. 


Is this possible?  I'm not seeing this option anywhere.  Help!



I can't emphasize enough how useful it would be to be able to sort my contacts by their engagement rate across multiple campaigns. Knowing that certain contacts never open my messages would tell me that I need to contact them some other way (or find a new email for them in case it's an unmonitored address). And knowing at a glance who is most engaged would allow me to follow up with them more closely. The only way I currently see to do this is to go through contacts one by one and see whether they've been opening my emails, and since I've got over 10,000 contacts this really isn't a great use of time.



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