Switched providers to find out you can segment email sending by tag

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I was sold on the fact that CC has better capabilities to segment my email list, through tag usage, among other benefits when I entertained taking our companies business away from your competitor, . Saleman specifically focused on that capability for my needs, even after I shared with them that I would be migrating over 14,000 email addresses. 


Fast forward to recently when I have the need to schedule an email while segmenting the recipient list by tag and list and I don't have that functionality where it is supposed to be. After a talk with support, I'm informed that I have too many contacts to be able to segment by tag. Too many.  I brought you all too much business for you to be able to handle the main piece of functionality that I was sold when entertaining changing marketing email service providers. 


I never had this issue, or any issue really, with . Their rising fees caused me to entertain a change, but I can clearly see that I need to send my business back to them because they can provide what our needs are and had been doing so. The extra money is worth it, unless CC can make adjustments. 


Hi @AdamF 


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us. You are correct, at this time having the ability to narrow down your contacts by tag on the scheduling page of your campaign is not an available feature  in accounts with over 10,000 contacts. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Does creating a segment of these contacts and scheduling your campaign to this segment help fit your needs instead? In the meantime, we recommend sharing your need of narrowing down by tag directly on its idea thread here in the Community. We have also shared your feedback on your experience with this sales agent to the appropriate teams on your behalf.

Status changed to: Gathering Information
Status changed to: Closed - No Action

At this time, allowing for narrowing by tag with over 10,000 contacts on the scheduling page is not on our current roadmap. If we have updates to share, they will be posted on the attached thread Frankie listed in her reply. Please comment or leave a kudo there to be notified.


The workaround will be to schedule a campaign to a segment created with the tagged contacts.

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