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Hi! I love Constant Contact! I find that I often want a thumbnail image of the first page of my newsletter to post on Facebook, on my website, etc. Its time consuming to do this on my own and I end up with a so-so image. I usually end up creating a jpg of the campaign and then using snipping software to just grab an image of the first page. I wish your software had a way to do this for me. Thanks! Kathleen


Good Afternoon,


        I'm new to Constant Contact, and in my position, so I'm learning as I go. I'd like a Thumbnail of my campaign on FB rather than your place marker. How do I do that and can I after the campaign is on social media, specifically Facebook?

Campaign Contributor

Hi Jeanmarie,

Unfortunately, Constant Contact hasn't provided a way to create a thumbnail of the first page of your newsletter. I resorted to using the snipping tool to get the look I wanted. There is a feature called "share on social" but I don't like the look of it. It just shows the header image of my email which is the same every month.  I like to capture the header and the first article in the thumbnail to act as a teaser to get people to click. 

Good luck!

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