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I had a case where a contact wanted to change their verified email address. Due to certain medical conditions, this contact cannot accomplish even basic operations most of us take for granted, such as following a link to change their own email address. Because of that, the contact reached out to me to make the change on their behalf. Constant Contact doesn't allow me - the mailing list administrator - to make that change. That's a problem, since it turns out that many of my active subscribers have similar medical issues. I encourage Constant Contact to make some reasonable exceptions for administrators that need to make limited changes to their subscribers' email addresses, especially when it comes to bona-fide issues such as this one. ADA/Accessibility is a real thing in the online world, too, and Constant Contact's voluntary compliance with ADA law in the online world would set a great example. It's a decent trade-off vs strict compliance with best-practice online security, IMHO, AND, if permitted, a manual change by the list administrator in this case also would have the advantage of retaining a contact's engagement history...a benefit that's important when it comes to ADA/Accessibility issues in the real world.
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Hello @BillProtzmann ,


I completely understand the importance of changing a subscribers email address, and apologize our site was giving you trouble. Are you able to provide some additional information, such as the status of this contact? If a contact is 'Confirmed' (They went through the Awaiting Confirmation process and explicitly confirmed to be part of your list), then that email address is unable to be edited due to legal reasons. However, you should be able to edit the email address otherwise if that's not the case.


Was the screen grayed out when you attempted, or did it throw some sort of error?

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