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Our emails tend to contain about a dozen links. My normal process is to preview the email then hover over the links in my browser (Firefox). I get a tiny preview down in the corner that I can check for accuracy before sending my email. It would be helpful if I could do something similar in the editor, but with a larger pop-up. There are, of course, alternatives. I could send myself a test copy and click on all the links to verify their destination. But the links are numerous and they're simple enough to visually check without going to all the trouble to actually click on them. A better preview in the editor would be a good feature.

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Well it's been 2.5 years and I guess people aren't interested in verifying that links in their emails actually go where they think they go. It would be easy to add to "Check for Errors". It would be easy to toggle some CSS to pop the href up as you hover on the link or just replace all links with their hrefs so we can see them. But maybe I'm the only one who wants my customers to arrive where I think I'm sending them. 🙂

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