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We sent a survey out yesterday and are getting back plenty of good results. Our huge disappointment is that the exported results are not in a user-friendly format. We need to print the text comments in order to respond. First, you don't give the person's name--only email. Our POS system looks up customers by NAME. Second, your spreadsheet is so HUGE that it will not print the full line of comments without cutting them off. Or else it tries to print hundreds of pages of cut off comments with no way to reference them. If this is your business, we suggest you made HUGE modifications and upgrades to your survey program. For what we pay per month this is COMPLETELY unacceptable. Who there can help us format these text comments into a user friendly PRINTABLE format???
Asked you to help me make it anonymous. You assured me it was. It's not. Very grateful for the easy way to see results. Can't tell how many people received survey email but I want to know. Survey was easy to create which is great. Good tool. Can't tell if all responses are tallied in the order in which they came in. Can't tell if one person made more than one comment or just one. I'm very pleased with this survey over all.
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