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I would like to be able to have TWO list names ... one for external consumption and one for internal use. That would allow us to provide user-friendly list names to users so that they can manage their subscriptions but allow us to know what the list REALLY represents. An alternate solution is to provide a text field for a list description.

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On the update profile form, it's nice that subscribers can add and remove themselves from multiple lists but I really wish there was a way to customize how the list appears to them vs how it appears to us internally. For instance, we have a Members 2018, Members 2017, Members 2016 list and so on. We also have a Members - Interested list for anybody who clicks on the purchase a membership link so we can follow up with them if they didn't purchase a membership, or a Camps - Interested list for the same thing but they're interested in camps. I don't want subscribers to see the list exactly as how we organize it in the back end - I want them to see a name that is more useful/descriptive to them.

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The list names we use are more for internal use, so we don't want customers to see the list names. When we create an Inline Form that allows people to select which list they'd like to be on, I'd like to be able to have a "public" name for the list instead of having it show the actual list name.
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