Receiving an email when someone submits a question via a sign-up form/contact form

Our business uses Constant Contact's sign-up forms for our contact us tab and newsletter sign ups. It's great for the newsletter sign ups but terrible for the contact us form. I've called Constant Contact and asked them how we receive an email notification when a customer has sent a question via the contact form. They responded saying I would have to go into our contact list and the message would be within that person's name and email one I click on their name. This is very inefficient because we don't want to be refreshing and checking our email list all day for questions. It would be nice to receive an email when someone submits a question to us via our contact form so we can respond promptly.


Please add this feature and we would greatly recommend Constant Contact, but right now we are very disappointed with Constant Contact since we switched from Mail Chimp. At least with Mail Chimp we were able to have the above mentioned feature and never had any problems with Mail Chimp!

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I just posted the same request. We have a catalog request form. Currently we need to manually go in and see if anyone new has completed it. A process that relies on human memory and also takes time to continue checking.

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