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I have only used the new surveys a couple times but so far, I'm not a fan. We have a standing survey we use for clients feedback and the old templates are just more user friendly...between the exported report of the responses to the sharing of the link. Maybe I have been doing something wrong but when I download the reports, it does not provide a single spreadsheet with two tabs like the old one did and the new format of the reports is terrible to edit and share. Also with the new ones, I've published a survey and got the shared link to the survey but when several of my staff test it out, it is saying it is in Preview Mode at the top...but there's nothing telling me that it's not done yet. Is it just because I've copied an incorrect link? Or is it because I'm actually working on it and the computer browser knows it or something? I do like the ease of creating the survey is this new format, very easy to drag and drop and choose the type of questions...but that's where the ease stops for me. The sharing and the exporting of the reports is very tough to use.
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Hi @Jax_SBDC thanks for sharing this feedback! What are the steps you're taking to find and share the link to your survey campaign? As for your reporting export, being able to export reporting to match the layout from the legacy survey exports is a feature request we are tracking feedback on. In fact we recommend sharing your feedback directly on the thread for this feature. The more requests a feature idea receives the higher of a priority it can be given by our Product Team.

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