Include a percentage breakdown in survey page reporting

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Is there any way to see the survey results in an excel format with percentages and analysis?

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Hi @ChristopherC14851  exporting survey results in the formatting you have described is not currently available. It is however a feature request we would be happy to track on your behalf. In fact we have opened up this idea so other users can weigh in as well.

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New survey tool is absolutely terrible so far.  I made the mistake of converting from a perfectly good survey with wonderful reports to the 'new and improved' version.  What a trainwreck!  If I wanted a raw spreadsheet that I would have to sort myself and still look 50 times worse than the product it replaced, I would be questioning my own sanity. 


My opinion of Constant Contact management for rolling this out now just went down by a few notches.  Serious error in judgement team!!!

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