[Events 2.0] Confirmation page and email Outlook Calendar Links aren't .ics files

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Hello, On the new event setup, the Outlook calendar link on the event confirmation page and email lead to Outlook Web instead of providing an .ics file. I work in a B2B industrial setting and no one in my organization nor our customers use Outlook Web. The Outlook Web link doesn't even work in my browser for some reason - it always redirects to the main outlook page despite me being logged in. Can we add an .ics file download option on the event confirmation email/page? Thanks.

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Hello @Lakeside ,


This appears to be an issue specifically springing up for devices that are set to connect with Outlook calendars. Our devs are currently looking into the issue, to see what needs to be done to alleviate the issue, or make the redirect function as expected. 

William A
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Has there been any development on this? We are having the same issue that the original poster has detailed and it is impacting the number of attendees on our webinars.

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Wow, almost 7 weeks later and this is still an issue? Can you at least delete the link so this doesn't look as bad as it...um...looks? Last I checked, more than a few people use Outlook on their devices.

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Any update please? I'm having the same issue and it's causing a lot of problems!

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Is there a way to disable the calendar links in the confirmation emails?

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Really need to get this fixed. Can't use legacy events because our event is further out but need to have the Outlook link actually working. 

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I'm having the same issue. Hello Constant Contact? This is embarrassing for my company!

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I just reached out to support on this same issue. Their suggested workaround is to add the event manually to your Outlook calendar. 😑 What am I supposed to do? Add some text by the add-to-calendar links that I can't delete that reads, "Sorry, the Outlook link doesn't work, so just add the event to your calendar manually." This is unacceptable! 

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