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Embedding Email Preference Center into Email Body

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I've been attempting to create a sign-up form for my users to select which type of emails they would like to receive from us. I do not want a basic form with the "email", "first name", "last name", etc. Instead, this will be sent to current subscribers to update their current settings to receive "3-4 emails a month", "1 per month", or "4-6 per year". I have updated the "Update Profile" area in the footer of our email, but there is no way all my subscribers are going to navigate to that, then click submit at the new window, then close out and open a different new email, then fill out all the information. I would like to have the options for my current subscribers embedded right in the email with checkboxes next to each option. I have already created lists for each of those options so they get funneled into the appropriate list. Thank you for help!
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Hi @MilesB03. Sign-up forms cannot be embedded into emails. My workaround would be to include a poll action block that has the options for each sending frequency. In the reporting for the block, you can add the contacts to their appropriate lists. This would need to be done manually on your end. 


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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Hi Caitlin, thank you for your reply. To clarify, once users make their poll selections, there isn't a way for them to get put into those lists (i.e. the sending frequency) through click-segmentation? 

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Click segmentation doesn't work with poll blocks at this time. Some other suggestions would be to either:

  • link to a webpage on your site with a coded form that allows for multiple list selections.
  • link to landing page forms for the individual lists you want to offer as sign up options.

While neither of these would satisfy the in-email options you're looking for, it would still present your contacts with the options for sign-up you want to offer. Otherwise, it'd be a matter of directing their attention to the email footer to use the Update Profile form.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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