Reporting Feature is Lacking

I used in my previous position and the reporting/analytics breakdown was so much more robust. I am disappointed to see that I cannot pull a graph with metrics for my campaign.

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Wow, I did not expect my feedback to be automatically posted to a public forum. Please make it more clear that we are not submitting feedback but posting to a community forum.

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Hi @CCISDCommunications what type of breakdown for your campaign reporting are you looking for? Currently users can pull their campaign metrics through a graph and export this information into a PDF document.




As for feedback posting here in the Community, we apologize for any confusion there may have been with this process. Currently our Have Feedback button opens up to a pop-up titled "Share your feedback & ideas in our Feedback Forum." What would you like to see on this feedback tool instead to make this more clearer?

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Just remember, sooner or later, by adding more features Contant Contact will increase our monthly fees. I am not complaining, just pointing this out. Request features that actually add value.

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what is this. i am confused

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