Very urgent, need CC Covid 19 relief assistance...


Very urgent, need CC Covid 19 relief assistance...

Hello, I am a small Kansas nonprofit and I understand that CC gives nonprofit agencies, as I am, a free CC account.  I need to know who to get the exact details from on this and where/who/what email to use to sign up.  The only option that I can find is what everyone see’s - full price.,,


Second, regarding your web design...  I like the idea of an “instant” website being put together for me, especially when COVID 19 is playing heck with my clients.  My question is, could I go with just a BLOG to begin with instead of a full blown website?  I am certain how I would tweek a blog but not an entire website.


If CC has a small business or special nonprofit agency division, I would appreciate that contact data.


Last, if a few board experts in here could question me then guide me as to what services might be the most appropriate for my nonprofit, I would be more than appreciative on that account too.  CC has grown into a very large, multi faceted corporation.  I remember when all CC offered was a very basic email marketing program.  So congrats on all your good growth....If you don’t want to post your questions to me via this post, please private message me and I will respond ASAP.  I am hard of hearing so sometimes private messaging works better for certain things on a community board.



Hello @ErikD35,


Thank you for your inquiry on the Community. Constant Contact understands that the current circumstances are extraordinary for everyone. First, I'll just address that Constant Contact does not offer free accounts on the basis the organization is a non-profit. We do offer non-profit discounts up to 30% when the account is paid 6 or 12 months in advance. As for pricing related to the COVID-19 epidemic, we are not able to discuss billing matters on the Community, but I have submitted a ticket to our Billing team for you. 


For Constant Contact's website builder, it is possible for you to create a website for free. The website builder is not optimized to work like a blog, but it is easy to navigate and use! While we do not offer a do-it-for-me service for website creation currently, our support team is available should you have any questions.


We do not have a specific division that handles small businesses and nonprofits, as our platform is specifically geared toward helping both in general.


If you feel comfortable, I encourage you to share some more details regarding what your nonprofit focuses on, so other Community members might be able to give more tailored advice! 

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

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