Capture new contacts offline with a custom branded sign. You don't need to be a designer to make something branded and beautiful!


Our partner, Canva, makes it easy to customize and design emails, social posts, signs, fliers, and more! Plus, it integrates seamlessly with Constant Contact, so your amazing creations go right to your account.


Copy of QR Code Newsletter Signup Sign from Constant Contact.png

Constant Contact integrates with Canva so you can create beautiful graphics and import them right into your account! With that in mind, we wanted to share a newsletter sign-up template we designed in Canva you can customize by:


  • Adding your logo
  • Using your brand colors
  • Update the messaging 


Once you’re done you can print it out and display it:


  • In your store window
  • At your popup shop
  • By your cash register 
  • Anywhere else you’re looking to turn browsers into buyers!


If you aren’t sure how to create a QR code, don’t worry, Canva has you covered!


Customize your Newsletter Signup Form template today!

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