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Being in violation of these guidelines, any of our terms and conditions, our privacy statement, etc. can result in action being taken on your Community account and/or your Constant Contact account. Here are a few examples of what could happen: editing or removal of posts, temporary or permanent bans from the Community or closing of your Constant Contact account.

The full details:

1. Be respectful, keep it clean -
Our goal is to foster discussions and allow our members to be open and honest while feeling comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas, and questions. Any post containing content listed in our Prohibited Content and Commerce Statement is not allowed, nor are profanities, harassment, threats, and creative alternatives. Posts containing these things will be edited or removed.

2. Stay on topic, relevancy is key-
This Community is for the discussion of Constant Contact products, small businesses, and non-profits. We encourage you to post in existing threads or create a new one; however, we ask you to make sure that your content is in the right thread or area of the Community. Off-topic posts will be moved to the appropriate area or removed if no such area exists.

3. Do not troll or spam, it’s not nice-
We understand that each person has their opinions and they can differ – please be considerate of this fact. Constructive criticism is allowed, but we want it to remain positive. Do not post prohibited content, the same message repeatedly or messages with the primary goal of self-promotion.

4. Protect privacy, this is a public forum-
Keep in mind that this forum is accessible by anyone on the internet, which means if you post private information (email address, phone number, address, etc.) it can and will be seen by many people and internet tools. Please refrain from sharing personal information or the information of others (including your contacts’ email addresses.) Posts containing personal information may be edited or removed. Do not post anything you have received in 1-1 communications unless you have the author’s permission.

5. Do not mention competitors, we want to keep things civil-
This Community is focused on Constant Contact and its current, past, and potential customers. Mentions of our competitors, like other email service providers, will be removed whether they are positive, negative, or neutral.

6. Keep it legal, no law-breaking allowed-
This one seems pretty obvious, so we are just going to hit on a couple of points: please do not post any material or content which you do not own without the owner’s permission and credit given to the author and don’t post anything that would violate any contractual agreements or someone else’s intellectual property rights.

The breakdown of our User Community by area, including expected response times:

Get HelpThis is the area for all of your questions about Constant Contact, including our products, services, and important company information. We encourage you to use the search feature to find the answers you’re looking for or conversations you can participate in. If you see a question and know the answer don’t be shy, post! Put your knowledge out there on display. We strive to make sure that every support question receives an answer within 1 business day.

Share & Get IdeasNeed some feedback on a recent email campaign? Have questions for your fellow small business owners about how they're using online marketing? This is the place for you! We want this to be an area where our customers can really connect with each other and share advice they may have. Chime in and comment on a question posted by a member or let us know what your marketing goals are and how you're using Constant Contact to achieve them.

Give Feedback Your voice is important, and this area is dedicated to your feedback and ideas. Share your thoughts on what you love and what you don’t love. Let us know of any features or changes that would make your life easier! We won’t always reply to your feedback, but we promise to read it and get it into the right hands. You may also see us merge your idea with other similar ideas so we can keep it all in one place and open it up for voting. You’ll see our product teams around asking questions and giving whatever details they have available. We'll always keep you updated on what's coming soon!

API Developer SupportIf you are a developer, this is the place for you! Post questions and share comments with fellow developers and our API support engineers. Whether you are an app developer or a web admin, you can find information about our APIs, code samples, documentation, and more. We monitor this area so that we can help you with your in-depth, technical questions. Don’t be shy!

Community Blog When we're not hard at work helping our customers, we're keeping you updated with all the latest Constant Contact happenings and Community events. Explore the latest product news and updates, enter a contest, read up on a monthly webinar, and see what else is going on.