Idea Guidelines

Idea Submission Guidelines

Purpose and Expectations

Product feedback is always welcome, and we want to let you understand how your ideas impact and are incorporated into the future of our products. We actively examine and compile all ideas and customer feedback. We work to prioritize your ideas and feature requests to improve our customers’ experience in their accounts.

Our teams understand the desire for change. This is why we have the Feedback area: to hear your voices. We may not engage with every post but will ask clarifying questions in order to dive deeper into your requests and escalate them to the appropriate areas. We will also chime in with updates as we get them, changing the status of the idea if needed to make the conversation more transparent.

There may be instances where we close an idea or decide to not move forward with a request. While we appreciate your ideas, we are not able to deliver on all of them (we receive a lot!). Sometimes, we have prioritized other features, but we will still track this idea over time. Sometimes, there are third-party limitations which make the idea currently unavailable to implement. When closing an idea, we will try to be as open as we can with the reasoning behind the decision.

Submitting Ideas

Ready to submit? Here are some guidelines to help you out:
  1. Search for an existing Idea in the Idea Board. Instead of spending time on creating a post, first search for an existing post that is similar to your idea. When you start typing an Idea Subject in the submission form, we display similar ideas in the dropdown for you to select. If one already exists, simply visit the post, give it a thumbs up to indicate your support for the idea, and add any additional conversation or comments to the topic.
  2. Submit your idea. The most successful feedback posts have as many details as possible so we know which screen you are viewing and what you are trying to accomplish. A descriptive subject line is also helpful for getting your post found by others in the Community to add traction to your idea.
Once your idea is submitted, our team will take appropriate action, whether that’s changing a status or moving the idea to another area.

Note: While we welcome new posts, there are some which are not appropriate for the Give Feedback area. These will be closed as Does Not Meet Idea Requirements.

  • Feedback regarding our Billing or Compliance policies. Many of our Compliance policies are created with email delivery and reduced spam in mind as our top priority. This is for the overall benefit of all customers sending from our servers. Discussion of billing policies are best suited for our billing teams as they can often be specific to individual accounts or involve sensitive information.
  • Requests to roll back to previous versions of an area of the product. Instead, please let us know what feature you wish to see or what would improve your experience. We want to move forward!
  • Comments regarding hold times for our customer support teams. Staffing levels and our call center metrics are reviewed regularly to make sure we are answering all calls in a timely manner. However, there are times where the wait times are longer than anticipated for a number of reasons. If you require support, you can post on our Get Help board.